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EMUN1 is responsive meaning it is platform independent & will run on any mobile device, tablet or computer. 

EMUN1 is built on an open, flexible architecture that allows for 3rd party API integrations. EMUN1 can be tightly integrated with applications like MailChimp, HubSpot, Salsify, Outlook & others. EMUN1 can also be integrated with essential any back-office ERP (e.g. Quickbooks, Netsuite, Sage products, PeopleSoft, SAP, etc.)

Yes. EMUN typically has a full support staff at all of the major Gift, Home Decor & Furniture shows. For smaller, regional shows & shows in other vertical industries, EMUN provides help desk support & services remotely. 

Yes. EMUN1 is hosted within our EMUN AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure. This eliminates the need for you to maintain hardware & SQL licenses. EMUN also has staff with years of AWS experience. 

There are many components within the EMUN1 platform. Most companies utilize them all, but not everyone. Timeline is determined based on the scope of the project. EMUN1 is not an off-the-shelf, "what you see is what you get" product.  We work closely with our customers to adapt EMUN1 to your business. Please contact us to schedule a call / demo! 

EMUN1 is tailored for wholesalers and manufacturers across any industry. The majority of EMUN's customer base is made up of the Gift, Home Decor, and Furniture industries. Some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the Gift, Furniture, Home Decor, Toy, Beauty and Apparel industries utilize EMUN1. 

EMUN was established in 2000. Prior to starting EMUN, the owners of EMUN came from a very experienced background of developing mobile applications for warehouse automation, while integrating with back-office ERP systems like Oracle, PeopleSoft and Baan. Software development and data integration is a critical component to the EMUN1 solution today. 

ONECOAST, a leader in the Gift & Home Industry

"EMUN is a great company that we have been working with for many years and we will be working with them for many years to come." John Keiser, ONECOAST CEO